True Tales of the Vietnam War.

Last Man Standing

Best Parts

Brian Thacker was fighting with his comrades and 3 of them got shot These were his soldiers helping him fight the battle so he had nobody left. Thacker ran and hid in a thing of bamboo and the enemy was right in front of him. He stayed extremely still in this bamboo "hut" that none of the enemys could see him. Thacker sat in this bamboo hut for about 7 days (1 week) On the 8th day, he decided he would run while the enemy was off getting water and supplies. His escape was a success thought the enemy did see him and his troops shot back at them. The troops killed 3 men and the rest got away.

Brian Thacker's Birth

Wednesday, April 25th 1945 at 9pm

Columbus, OH, United States

Columbus, OH

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