Western Expansion Project

Jennifer Delgado 7th period

Manifest Destiny

The manifest destiny was the expansion of the United States. President Polk was known as the expansion president because he made America's territory grow by more than one-third. Some innovations that helped the settlers travel west were the steel plow & the mechanical reaper.

Territorial Acquisitions

Louisiana Purchase- America acquired the Louisiana Purchase from France in 1803. They got the land through war to double it's size & eventually made the Louisiana Purchase Treaty.

Florida- Land was bought from Spain and had to make Adamonis Treaty.

Texas Annexation- Got land from Mexico through US-Mexican War.

Oregon Territory - Land was bought from England & made the Oregon Treaty.

Mexican Cession- Bought from Mexico through war & made he Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.

Gadsden Purchase - This land was bought from Mexico to build a railroad and then later they made the Gadsden Treaty of 1853

Settlers in the west

The settlers who traveled west were the 49ers. People traveled west hoping to find gold, and to have access to the fertile farmland. Some challenges pioneers faced while traveling west were crossing the Pacific Ocean, the Rocky Mountains & the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Oregon Trail - It lead to Oregon (Duh) were Missionaries were looking to convert Native Americans to Christians.

California Trail - Lead to California, they were searching for gold & hoped to have access to fertile land.

Mormon Trail - Lead to Salt Lake City, Utah where Mormons hoped to practice religion of freedom.

US-Mexican War

The causes of the US-Mexican War was the annexation of the Texas. Mexico was not wanting to accept the loss,they refused to honor Texa's Independence. President Polk was upset that Mexico didn't meet with him to sell California & México to the US. The treaty that ended everything was the Treaty Of Guadalupe Hidalgo, Mexico had to agree that they ceded more than half of its territory. The states now that we're Part of the Mexican Cession were California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, & New Mexico.

Gold Rush

Gold was found in 1849. California was part of the Mexican Cession. The 49ers were the thousands of people that traveled to California hoping to find gold.The Gold Rush made alot of people go to Cali it increased the population. The Chinese who immigrated to California looking for gold ended up building the transcontinental railroad.