SIG @ EMORY 2014

Parent Weekly Newsletter #3

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From Jeff - Director

We are into our final week and have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to work with this outstanding group of students. It has been great to see them build relationships both socially and academically as they work through challenges both in and out of the classroom.

As we approach the end of our program, there are several important processes that I would like to mention regarding departure. Our Closing Ceremony will be held this Friday, July 11 at 4:30 pm in White Hall, room 208. Please note that we have had to move the time forward by 15 minutes and will begin at 4:30 pm. This closing program will highlight the accomplishments of our students and provide an overview of our three weeks at Emory. All parents are invited to attend. Parking will be available in the Peavine Deck and signs will be posted to lead you to White Hall.

Immediately following the program, parents will sign out commuter students with their counselor and will need to visit Few Hall if necessary to pick up any medications from the nurse. Extended commuter students will need to be signed out in the SIG Office at Few Hall at 10:00 pm Friday.

Residential students will check out and move out on Saturday morning, July 12, beginning at 8:00 am. As residential students check out, parents will sign them out with their counselor and must return keys and meal cards to Emory University Conferences, who will be in the lobby of the dorm. Please remember to pick up any medications from the nurse. All students must be moved out of the dorm and off campus no later than 12:00 noon on Saturday, July 12.

Again, thank you for sharing your children with us this summer. We look forward to seeing you this weekend and again for many years to come.

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From Lynnea - Academic Dean

Culminating experiences and final projects are in full swing throughout this week in all of our courses here at SIG Emory. The students are busy at work preparing for theatre night performances, creating presentations, and polishing skills based on all they have learned throughout the past three weeks. Students will be participating in everything from mini musicals and comedic performances to vying for investors in SIG Technology "Shark Tank." Excitement is abundant as students share with one another all they have learned. Here at SIG Emory, budding scientists have created solutions, studied reactions, come to understand the make up of Aspirin, and even sent rockets blasting into the air. Our future authors have studied prose and poetry to develop a greater understanding of sensory detail and how to create their own literary masterpiece. Young mathematicians have become masters of algebra, moved forward in their understanding of the SAT and analyzed binary code. Our youngest learners have investigated the science of super heroes and have used this new knowledge to create their own modern marvel character. Each class here has provided our students the opportunity to expand their horizons, gain new knowledge, and work with like minded peers. I can't say enough about how much I have enjoyed observing this amazing group of young ladies and gentlemen and seeing all that they have been able to learn throughout the past three weeks. Thank you for allowing them to learn and grow with us here at SIG Emory. We truly appreciate having had the experience to work with each and every student.

From Stacey - Student Life Dean

Student Life on Emory's campus these past 2 and a half weeks has been a lesson in cooperation and growth for all of our students. We have learned to cohabitate in the close environment of the residence hall while respecting the wishes and comfort of others. Many of our residential students are learning to live away from parents and with a roommate for the very first time. It has been wonderful to see them grow in confidence and independence as the session has progressed. The dining hall has taught us to make good food choices over not so good ones when we want to get that extra slice of pizza. Several students have even learned how to do laundry for the first time. All of these experiences will be with our students as they grow and get ready for college and beyond. As you talk with your students this week, please emphasize the importance of getting ready to make the transition back home at the end of the week.

From Wade - Student Activities Coordinator

It has been an amazing 3 weeks! The energy that the students have shown throughout the academic day, and especially at the afternoon and evening activities, has been truely inspiring. We had a wonderful time at Six Flags this past weekend. We even got to the park early so everyone could ride Goliath, not once...but TWICE!! This week will include our last visit to the SAAC for a hot dog picnic, swimming, and jumping off the high dive. We also will have a capture the flag activity during our final rec hour on Thursday. Last, but certainly not least, will be our DANCE on the final night of our program. It has been such a pleasure getting to know all the students, and their smiles and laughter during activities has been infectious.


Theatre Performance Night Thursday, July 10 @ 7:30 pm White Hall 208

Closing Ceremony Friday, July 11@ 4:30 pm White Hall 208

*Commuter students will sign out with their counselor after the ceremony

Residential Student Checkout Saturday, July 12 8am-12pm @ Few Residence Hall