To be or not to be?

Compose your own "To be or not to be" speech in which you ponder a personal choice, decision, or issue (ex. a decision about your future).

Review Hamlet's speech.

In your piece, explore the pros and cons of each of your options.


Begin with "To _______ or not to ________. That is the question."

If you wish, you may include some of the structural elements/words (parallel structure) of the original to make your version more identifiable with it. ex. Whether 'tis______ to________or______ to _______, to________, the _______, the_______, the_____...

Approximately 30 vertical lines (poetry structure)

Use figurative language - ex. "slings and arrows", "sea of troubles","whips and scorns", "undiscovered country", etc.

Extra Credit?

Present your speech as a song, rap, spoken word piece?

Create a film, include music, images?

Deliver your speech live in class?