Special Area Update from CBA OAKS

December 2015 - January 2016

Technology News from Mrs. Maggie Constantino

Hour of Code

We had a great week spending time in Hour of Code. Students participated in a variety of activities throughout the week. Many are continuing this week and next. One of the favorites was the Ozobot. Students got to problem solve with this mini robot. We were able to use this robot on the iPad and on paper to program and problem solve with him. We will begin using him online to write programs for him. Many students wanted to tell their parents about this device, so here is the link to the main site.

Check out the video that we put together about our week!

Health/Physical Education News from the Desk of Mrs. Ashley Lambert

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Keeping FIT!


JK: This past month the junior kindergarten students have learned about germs, poisons and strangers. Throughout the lesson on germs we discussed what germs are and ways to stop the spread of them. During the poison lesson the students learned about various items that might be found at home that are classified as poisonous if touched, tasted or smelled. Throughout the lesson on strangers the students learned about whom strangers are and ways to respond if a stranger tries to talk to you, offer you something or take you somewhere.

K: The kindergarten students finished a unit on Caring for Your Teeth. Throughout the unit the students learned about ways to practice good hygiene by properly floss their teeth, properly brushing their teeth two times daily and the importance of regular dental checkups.

1St: The first grade students finished a unit on Your Teeth. Throughout the unit the students learned about the different types of teeth and the roles each play in eating. They also learned about the importance of caring for and protecting teeth from injury.

2nd: The second grade students finished a unit on Caring for Your Body. Throughout the unit the students learned about ways to fight germs that can cause illness. They also learned about the basic parts of the eyes and ears and ways to protect them.

3rd: The third grade students finished a unit on Taking Care of Yourself. Throughout the unit the students learned about various health habits that result in good personal hygiene. They also learned about the problems and care of the ears, eyes, and nose. They also learned about consumer skills into to someday make good buying decisions.

4th: The fourth grade students finished a unit on Personal Health. Throughout the unit the students have examined the roles of good health related hygiene. They also learned about the functions and structure of the skin, teeth, gums, eyes, and ears. The last topic covered in the unit was being a wise consumer when buying health-care products.

5th: The fifth grade students finished a unit on self-esteem. Throughout the unit the students learned about the feelings that are associated with the different levels of self-esteem. Each student created a note card for their classmates and themselves that can be taken out and reviewed to help raise ones confidence when they are feeling down.

Physical Education


This past month the students have been using pervious learned skills to take part in various winter themed activities and games.

  1. Winter-wonderland stations:

    Team Igloo build- team building

    Paper plate ice skating- coordinating body movement

    Ring the reindeer antlers- throwing to a target

    Snowman building relay- various locomotor skills

  2. Chopping down the evergreen tree- throwing/catching

  3. Snowman Tag- dodging/fleeing/ space awareness

  4. Snowball pass- throwing/catching

Spanish News from Miss Idalys Lopez

So far in Spanish class...

* Junior Kindergarten has been learning parts of the face and body with the song "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes in Spanish.

* Kindergarten has been learning about shapes. They also learned to say the first letter of their name and how old they are in Spanish.

* First grade has been learning about days of the week and started the numbers from 1 through 30.

* Second grade has been learning about Invierno (Winter) and has learned some words related to that season like "Papá Noel" which means Santa Claus and "nieve" which means snow.

* Third grade started learning about food, more specific: breakfast.

* Fourth grade has been learning numbers from 1 through 60 and they also learned how to tell time. ¿Qué hora es?

* Fifth grade has been learning more adjectives to be able to describe themselves and their family.


Mark Your Calendars for the Art Show January 24th 2016 1-4 pm

This month in the art room most of the classes were working on future projects. With the "time travel trip" to the future we read a few books about modern art. We haven't sent much art work home yet as we are saving it for the art show.

The Art Show will be at the open house in January 24th so please mark your calendars.

Junior K did color mixing projects and read The Dot. They did Dot paintings then printed Dots on top of their Dot Collage. We also took a break from our curriculum to do the original art works project which came home already.

Kindergarten is creating beautiful multimedia art. We hav created some contemporary art work using our knowledge of color mixing in the style of Swiss artist Paul Klee. We are finishing up a Matisse Goldfish bowl collage for the art show. Ask your student about Henri Matisse!

1st grade is doing Modern art as well. We learned about how Wassily Kandinsky could actually see music as colorful designs, a condition called synesthesia. We learned about Kandinsky's friend Paul Klee and his childlike art style. Ask you students about seeing art when they listen to music!

2nd grade is created Metal (aluminum foil) snakes in the metal tooling method of creating relief sculptures. They are using patterns to decorate their reptiles in folk art style with a modern twist.

3rd grade is creating large Robot Sculptures out of recycled boxes and other materials. This project combines creative design with engineering critical thinking as they find out how to make their sculptures Stand and balance.

4th grade finished their Mosaics and are creating a line pattern design using the art element of line and the principles of pattern and repetition. These beautiful drawing and their mosaics will definately be a highlight of the art show.

5th grade is creating another 3 dimensional project. They studied cubism and Picasso's cubist portraits. They are creating cubist head sculptures out of cardboard. These colorful dynamic heads will be finished by the art show and prominently displayed.

Music News from Mr. Chris Hoffman

This is the month where our music students really shine!!! In December the students at Chesterbrook Academy have produced 4 concerts. We spent the month preparing the songs, learning their meaning, choreographing dance moves, practicing for the piano and rehearsing with the other classes. They put a lot of hard work into those concerts, and it showed. The students were all very proud of themselves and rightly so! Many thanks to all the teachers, staff, and parents who helped make this possible!! I can't wait to get started on the Spring Concerts.