John Adams

By Audrey & Ryusa

Did you know

1.Did you know that John Adams helped negotiate the Treaty of Ghent in 1814?

2.John Adams was 5 feet tall and 7 inches.

3.Did you know that John Adams's color was unusually high, his face was often red from exertion and his blue eyes blazed?

4.He was the longest living president because he died at 90 years.

5.Did you know that John was the first presidential family to live in the partly finished white house?

John Adams before presidency

Born into a comfortable, but not wealthy, Massachusetts farming family on October 30, 1735, John Adams grew up in the tidy little world of New England village. His father, a deacon in the Congregational Church, earned a living as a farmer and shoemaker in brain-tree, fifteen miles south of Boston. As a healthy young boy, John Adams loved the outdoors, frequently skipping school to hunt and fish. John said later that he would have preferred a life as a farmer, but his father insisted that he receive a normal education. His dad hoped that he might become a clergyman. John attended a dame school, a local school taught by a woman teacher that was designed to teach the rudimentary skills of reading and writing, followed by a Latin school, a preparatory school for those who planned to attend college. He finally excelled at his studies and entered Harvard College at age fifteen. He graduated in 1755. Young John, who had no interest in a ministerial career, taught in a Latin school in Worcester, Massachusetts, to earn the tuition fees to study law, and from 1756 to 1758, he studied law with a prominent local lawyer in Worcester.

End and beginning of presidency

John Adams became president in 1797. John Adams was a very good president in all his years. He ended his presidency in 1801.

John Adams greatest accomplishments and problems during presidency

John Adams' presidential accomplishments are his handling of the Quasi-War with France in 1798. It was a naval conflict over trading routes that could have easily spilled over into open warfare if not for Adams' reasoned approach. He made peace with the French and protection for American merchants while at the same time winning credit for a young nation's ability to stand up to a major European power.

John Adams Birth And Death

John Adams was born in the Massachusetts bay colony 1735. Then later died July 4 1826 Quincy MA. Though he died of old age not being killed by enemy.