Captain Condom

Yes, That the best I could come up with. (pun intended)

Who's the last line of defense against the horrors of overpopulation?

Probably Captain Condom. I mean Isis is killing a bunch of people so they're doing like a drastic reversal of the population and i guess that is affecting the rate of overpopulation a bit. But you know, they're terrorists and stuff so yeah. Not a Super Hero like CAPTAIN CONDOM!!!!

To please our marketing team we must disclose a few things.

  1. Condoms are made of Latex
  2. The abundant element in Latex is hydrogen
  3. Condoms are mostly Hydrogen

Secret Identity? Pfff, who needs those? Our hero works at a brothel keeping the customers safe from Herpes and other dangerous diseases. He's literally the Mascot for the Lusties Nightclub back rooms.

More words from our marketing team

Hyrdogen's Stats:

  • 1 on the Periodic Table
  • The lightest element
  • 1.00795 Average Atomic mass
  • It's used in almost everything