What to Watch

Telling you what the best Movies are

The fun of the Movie

I love to Watch movies At home Or the theater They are both fun at the Theater you can Watch on a giant screen This The volume is pretty loud so you can always hear it You get that fun feeling Movie theater Popcorn Is always the best They also have candy Drinks like Coke Regular Or diet Water bottle Mountain Dew Orange Fanta And more. When you Wait for the movie you always see previews Of other movies So maybe you will see a movie that you want to see. It is fun when you pick your seat You can sit in the bottom front For the very back top In the middle Any seat you want. At Home You have that comfort feeling If you watch it at night and after the movie you feel like going to bed There is no driving back Just wash off all the popcorn and you'll be ready for bed. At home you can have your blankets your pillows or Stuffed animals. You can also take a break without missing Any part of the movie. Who says you always have to have popcorn at a movie if you Are at home You can Eat anything lasagna ice cream chicken pasta spaghetti steak salad cookies anything! Ok so Now you know The comforts of Going to a movie theater to see a movie or Seeing a movie at Home.


I like art I love watching movies Even family movie night I love to dance I do animal-rights stuff I have pet cats I love to go shopping I love doing my hair I have a lot of animal-rights blogs I'm friends with Josie King And she has animal-rights blogs to I like to watch Barbie movies And my little pony My favorite color is blue Second favorite colors pink Third favorite color is purple Fourth favorite color is green And my Fifth favorite color Is yellow.