Vet volunteers: Homeless

Laurie Halse Anderson

Sunita Patel

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(I doubt that's even her anyways, it just said her name.)


Sunita Patel loves cats, and they love her back! Her mother won't let her have a kitten for her self. One day Sunita and her friends finds a feral cat colony, and that's a dream come true. But Animal control is going to kill all the kittens if she doesn't act fast! If she tames one of the cats maybe she can tame all of them. But something goes wrong and Sunita is rushed to the hospital! What will happen the poor little cats now? Who will Take care of them? Will they survive?
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This book is amazing! It is very touching, and it's really hard to put down! It really makes you feel like you are in the story. It is definitely for animal lovers. I strongly recommend this book. I think you should READ IT!!!

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So many cats!!!

In this real video a colony of cats live near the water. Imagine Sunita going to save them from getting put to sleep!
Feral cat colony

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