Genius Hour/Passion Time

Ideas for implementation in the Middle School Classroom

A free University 25 Workshop for Arlington Heights School District 25 employees working with students in grades 6-8

When: August 7, 2014 from 9:00 a.m. - noon
Where: Thomas Middle School, Room 239
Presented by: Joy Kirr - English/Language Arts teacher at Thomas Middle School
Light snacks and CPDUs available!

Tentative Agenda:
  • Overview of Genius Hour/Passion Time (What is it?)
  • What motivated me to start? Why should we do it?
  • Step-by-step directions (that you can modify for your purposes)
  • How to assist students in picking topics (guiding questions)
  • How to help students plan out their steps & stick to the plan
  • How to share projects effectively
  • How to encourage positive & critical peer feedback with respect
  • How to get students to reflect on their learning
  • Additional Tips & tricks
  • Time for YOU to plan out your Genius Hour/Passion Time!

Increase engagement & excitement in your classroom!

When students are given the chance to learn about topics of interest to them, they become so much more passionate about learning!

Help your students acquire the 21st Century skills they need to be successful

Even if students choose to work alone during Genius Hour, find out how a culture of collaboration can be created. Critical and creative thinking happen nearly every day for nearly every student in a Genius Hour when they're learning about something they are passionate about!

Get students to direct their own learning while you assist!

Children can do amazing things without teacher support when taught how to make a realistic plan and given the time to achieve their goals!

Learn some great ideas that other teachers are using in their Genius Hours!

How do you get children to come up with topics that are worthwhile? How can you manage so many projects at the same time? What do you do when kids are stuck? How do you ensure students finish on time?

Contact Info:

Email Joy at to register!

Registration is open to members of Arlington Heights School District 25

until August 5th, 2014.

Joy Kirr

English Language Arts teacher at Thomas Middle School
1430 N Belmont Avenue
Arlington Heights, IL 60004