Scientific Revolution

Melissa J, 2nd period

What was the change?

During the mid-1500s a major change in European thinking began. This was called the Scientific Revolution, where scholars began to to challange ideas that had been been accepted for hundreds of years. The scientific revolution was led when european explorers started traveling and exploring the world. They found new species in lands and, they knew from then that there were many new things to discover. When exploring and sailing, they found that ancient belifes wern't as accurate. These new ideas marked the world even up to todays' society.

Who were the people associated with the change?

Isaac Newton

Newton was an English Scientist who brought together the ideas of Copernicus, kepler, and Galileo. He studied matematics and physics at Cambridge University, and by the time he was finished, he came up with the theory of motion, that was the same force ruled motion of the planets, and all matter in Earth and space. In 1687 he published he published "The Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy," which included all his ideas and became the most important book until present day. Newtons' faous quote is "God was the creator of this orderly universe, the clockmaker who had set everything in motion."

How is that change evidenced in today's modern society?

The change is evedent in todays' society because thanks to copernicus, kepler, Galileo, and Newtons theories we were able to do many more things, like going to the moon and confirming the heliocentric theory. Even today, we still study laws of motion from newton in physics. Without the curiosity of kepler we might had still been under the churchs' influence and many things would had never been discovered.

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