How roller coasters work

By Caden Braun


It is controlled by hydraulics and a motor. The two sides separate to balance it out. The motor spins a ton of gears that make it easier to push the big cockpits.

We drove in my dads truck and stopped to get food at the store.

We had plans to go because we go every year.


It uses gravity and force. When one side goes to one side the other goes to the other side, which creates force.

It pushes against you and gives you a thrilling feeling, making it fun. And when it goes down, it makes you feel light and loss of gravity.

Using g-force and gravity, it spins in circles and balances itself.

I want to know

1. How does it stay stable?

2. How does it start?

3. How does it stop?

4. How is it moved?

5. What spins it?


My aunt, uncle,cousins and I met at the fair in Wausaukee, WI on Saturday, August 29th. I looked forward to going because of the ride, The Skyscraper. My dad and I were the only ones who were not afraid to ride it. We thought it was amazing and had a blast!


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Look at me

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This is me inside the SKY SCRAPER I'm almost upside down, there is a lot of pressure on my chest
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This is the SKY SCRAPER it's about 30 feet high.