Gold Runner

By: Allison Ondrush and Navya Krishnan

Gold Runner

The Gold Runner is a complicated and interesting fish. It lives in the Atlantic Ocean and it migrates to Britain in the summer, and Brazil in the winter. The gold runner can protect itself by secreting poison out of its rear end when it feels threatened. The poison spreads around in the ocean for five seconds killing anything in its way. It gains this poison by eating poisinous animals. But this ability is not the only adaptation this fish possess. The Gold Runners top two fins are too small for it to swim around, so this fish has learned to run around on it bottom two fins. That's why this fish is considered to have very complicated adaptations.

The Gold Runners Prey

The scientific name is Hiliteus sprintra

Physiological Traits

  • Hibernation- camouflages on coral while hibernating, has the ability to slow down heart rate
  • Poision - secretes from rear end, spreads around for 5 seconds and kills everything in its way
  • Water breathing- helpful in ocean biome

Behavioral Traits

  • Burrows - makes burrows to lay eggs in
  • Maintaining body temperature- so it can go to colder places
  • Migration - winter = Brizal / summer = England

Structural Traits

  • Sturdy fins to run on to escape a predator
  • The top fins are too small so they run on their bottom fins
  • Camouflage with coral when in hibernation
  • They have small bodies to go through burrows


  • The blue spotted sting ray - the blue spotted sting ray swimms close to the floor. It stings our fish when our fish is running and eats it when dead.
  • The pufferfish - the pufferfish pokes our fish before the fish gets the chance to spray out poison
  • The stargazer - the stargazer camouflages into the stone, then snaps up and eats our fish
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Sea Turtle!!! 🐢

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