Rocket Time: Remediation & Clubs

Using a Google Form to Manage the System

The Why:

  • Putting the responsibility on students for signing up for remediation.
  • Allowing students to go directly to remediation rather than stop at Launch Pad location.
  • Giving teachers time to prepare for students coming to see them for remediation.
  • Giving Launch Pad teachers a way to see who is at remediation.
  • Giving office/admin a way to find students who are not with their Launch Pad groups.

What does it look like?

How does it work for students?

The key idea we need students to understand is that this is the only way they can sign out of their Launch Pad groups. This means that they have to plan ahead - please help them learn this new habit!

  1. Students access the form using the bookmark on their Chrome accounts. They might need to log off and log back on before the link shows up in their Chrome browser.
  2. Students must enter their information into the form by a deadline. The form closes at 3:30 on Wednesdays.
  3. Students who use the form report directly to the location where they signed up, rather than checking in at their Launch Pad group.

How-To Video for Students

Rocket Time Google Form - Student Video

How does it work for teachers?

This system requires that we learn new habits too!

  1. The form is set up to only allow a limited number of students sign up for remediation. Currently, that limit is set to 10 students for each teacher. If you want to make your limit higher or lower, that can be adjusted by sending an email to me.
  2. Once your limit is reached, your name is removed from the form. Students are instructed to arrange remediation with you through a different method than Rocket Time.
  3. BEFORE LAUNCHPAD: View the form results spreadsheet to see which students have signed up to work with you for remediation. Use the "Sorted by Remediation Teacher" tab to easily find your name and students.
  4. DURING LAUNCHPAD: Have the form results spreadsheet open. Use the "Sorted by Launch Pad" tab of the spreadsheet to see who has signed out from your launchpad group. They will not come to your room. NO OTHER STUDENTS ARE ALLOWED TO LEAVE YOUR LAUNCHPAD.

How-To Video for Teachers

Teacher Spreadsheet FINAL