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Systematic Reviews

Instruction Librarians Lindsay Davis and Elizabeth McMunn-Tetangco have created an online guide with resources for conducting systematic reviews in public health. The guide, which was developed for a workshop for students in Dr. Nancy Burke's PSY 298 Professional Seminar, is a resource that will be continuously updated.

Watch the video below from the University College, University of Maine System Off-Campus Library Services to learn about systematic reviews and meta-analyses.
Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Sign up for a Free ORCID ID

"In a world where tens of thousands of scholars may share the same name, a name alone is not enough to authoritatively connect scholars to their work. Instead, scholars need a unique numerical ORCID identifier to ensure that they are authoritatively and consistently linked to their scholarly work, accomplishments and awards. In addition, the many grant funders and more than 1,000 journals that have integrated ORCID identifiers into their submission and publication systems now require ORCID identifiers of applicants and authors" (UC Merced Library, 2016). Watch the video below for more information.

Sign up for your free ORCID ID today.
Identify Your Research with an ORCID ID

My Dissertation Is Online! Wait – My Dissertation Is Online!? Copyright & Your Magnum Opus

Do you have copyright and legal questions related to putting your dissertation online? The UC Office of Scholarly Communication has a new post, "My Dissertation Is Online! Wait – My Dissertation Is Online!? Copyright & Your Magnum Opus," that points to a workflow and guide created by the UC Berkeley Library to help answer your questions.
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RefWorks is subscription tool that helps you manage, share and cite your sources. All UC Merced students, faculty, and staff can create a RefWorks account. RefWorks now offers a new interface and enhanced functionality.

Watch the video below to learn how to create a RefWorks account. You may also want to watch:

You can also make an appointment with librarian to learn how to create an account and use RefWorks.
Accessing RefWorks, Creating an Account, and Logging in

Public Health Seminar Series

Tuesday, Nov. 15th, 12:30-1:30pm

Ansel Adams Road

Merced, CA

"Why are Donated Kidneys Rejected While the Transplant Waiting List is Long and Growing?"

Kurt Schnier, Phd

Tuesday, November 15th, 2016
SSM 117 - Wawona

"Kurt Schnier is the Chair and Professor of Economics at U.C. Merced. He studies policy analysis in the fields of health and resource economics. In health economics, Schnier's research focuses on the response of physicians and hospitals to current and impending regulations that impact the provision of health care. His resource economics research focuses on facilitating the development of efficient marine resource policy and determining how fishermen respond to current and prospective fisheries policy. To conduct his research, Schnier uses econometric, experimental and simulation modeling methods" (Happenings, 2016).