VCR Lesson 3 Presentation

Harika Jampani


The ancient Greeks sometimes used an ________________ as their form of government with many philosophers along with other forms such as democracy or a monarchy.
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n. government by the few, especially a faction of persons or families

few people in a dominant class ( popular and rich )

  • sometimes dominating in nature
  • no input of the people like a democracy


  • oligos- few
  • arkhein- to begin , to be first
  • arkhos- ruler, first in rank

Alterations in parts of speech

Noun -

  • oligarch - ruler in an oligarchy
Adjective -
  • oligarchic - describing something as being ruled by a few

  • Greek
  • Medieval Latin


  • authoritarianism
  • domination
  • despotism (more of a dictatorship but can apply to oligarchies)


  • democracy
  • monarchy
  • dictatorship
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Choose the letter in which the bold-faced type is used incorrectly

A) The small town had a strict oligarchy where Martha was their supreme ruler.

B) Aristotle was an oligarch in the Greeks government along with other philosophers.

C) The island's oligarchic efforts for government were failed attempts because the few leaders would not cooperate with each other.

D) Some people think oligarchies are much like dictatorships because the people have no say in their government and rulers take over things.

Correct Answer

A is wrong because it describes a dictatorship rather than a few people ruling