Women Being Abused

By Kimberly Ramirez

Why abusing womans is a problem

The problem with woman being abused is that it happens by husband that are really jealous and they interpreter the things wrong. The people that is around like kids would be affected by seeing that thery dad hit there moms. The problem affects them by and they would think that woman's are nothing and that man are the ones that control the world.The problem is cause by the husband that are really jealous or by husband that thing there are always right.
To be fix this problem is by the woman's that are being abuse go to the police and put a report or to put a stay away contract.The problem has not being fix by educational reasons the woman's think that man are the ones that control the stem of there lies. Some obstacles that are is that they have children or that are scare of there husbands that they don't let them go out side.

If we can prevent the woman being abuse

we can prevent woman being abuse is by telling the police that our husband is abusing use. And telling to stop or you are going to go to the police . And don't let your kids see what he is doing or they will try to do it to there girlfriends or friends.

How womans are affect

The way a woman are affect is by they think that they are nothing and that the men is the one that makes the rules. And that would think that the are a piece of nothing .