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Tomorrow, on May 7, 2016, Plano ISD voters will decide on a $481 million bond proposal to fund initiatives recommended by the Plano ISD Facilities and Technology Task Force. Appointed in August, 2015 by the Plano ISD Board of Trustees, the task force included citizens, business leaders, teachers, principals and parents. The task force reviewed enrollment trends and projections, established construction and renovation needs, validated costs and sought input from fellow community members. After five months of study, debate and public input, the task force made final recommendations to school trustees which are included in this bond proposal. If approved, the bond initiative will provide funding toward eight major project areas with no increase to the tax rate and will impact all Plano ISD campuses through district-wide security updates, renovations and facility upgrades, as well as technology improvements. Find out more, including specific project allocations, at www.pisd.edu/2016bond. You may send questions toaskpisd@pisd.edu.

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Please share this information with interested parties so that they may contact me directly via email:

I am delighted to reach out to you as we are seeking non-paid internships for our rising seniors. I would love to include your business or network contacts in our internship job fair on Thursday, May 19th from 1:30 -3:30 pm. See our career interests below!

We are very flexible with our internship hosts ~ I hope you will say yes as I know you won't be disappointed in meeting potential interns in the internship job fair. Minimally, our students will have an authentic interview experience, and hopefully, you will find a young Titan who would make a great addition to your team for a time (30 or more hours) during the summer.
Here is our internship information for your review, and I look forward to hearing back from you!

I welcome a meeting with you to share any additional information you may need ~ we would love to "get to yes!" as our learners always say.

Lynn Ojeda


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Follow this link to sign up for the blood drive on Wednesday, May 11th!


1st Year E-News By Alexander Gonzalez

As hard to believe as it may be, the Frist Years have reached the final two weeks of their last project of the year, Lights, Camera, Action! Last week, the learners posted their Sub-Anchor Challenge Videos on YouTube. This week, learners have been watching videos and giving each other feedback so they can improve for their final deliverable, a movie trailer, which is to be fully made and presented on May 25th! Now entering the final stages of Lights, Camera, Action!, the First Years have used this week as a period of transition. In English, the learners continue to reshape their plays, either King Lear, Macbeth, or Twelfth Night, into a modern retelling set within the context of a current event happening the world today. In art, they have been learning more about Photoshop and how to use it to create their movie posters in order to promote their respective films. In physics, work continues on their efforts to make a musical instrument they can utilize to help understand the behavior of sound waves. In the weeks ahead, First Years will begin filming their trailers, as well as, finalizing their musical instrument builds. First Years, facilitators, and parents will gather together to watch the completed trailers at a red-carpet premiere on May 25th.

2nd Year E-News By Jonathan Main

Following a presentation last week by the entrepreneur launch-pad organization 1 Million Cups, Second Year Titans are utilizing what they learned from the pitches to focus and streamline their own presentations in preparation for their own presentation days, May 24 and 25. The Second Year learners also took the Biology EOC exam on Monday and by the end of the week have completed the procedures they will be using to test their products. Remarking on a discussion of the merits of various presentation styles, one Titan simply said, "Only at the Academy." The materials the Second Year learners ordered began to arrive this week, allowing many groups to start constructing their solutions in the Fab Lab. With the presentation day approaching at a blistering pace, learners are calling on everything they've learned from all their past experiences at Academy to make sure that everything is perfect for the final presentation of their second year at the Academy.
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3rd Year E-News By David Yang

The Third Years are gearing up for their presentation on Monday, May 9th from 4:30 - 7 pm, in which they will showcase a pavilion featuring various themes, based on the Chicago 1892 World's Fair. After the apocalypse in Going Viral, learners held elections for various government positions. The newly formed government has now been called on to put on a World's Exposition that will show a diverse range of concepts meant to better the future of the recovering world. All teams are now geared up to present innovative engineering and art products to the school and community.

Some of the themes included in the final stretch of the project are city planning and architecture, energy solutions, and financial transactions. Learners are hard at work continuing to fabricate exhibits in the fab lab and chemistry exhibits in the science labs.

Presentations will be shown in various parts of the campus. anticipation is high for many of the promised deliverables. The final project of the Third Year will begin next Tuesday and feature career planning and personal finance planning for our own individual futures.

4th Year E-News by Emily Ware

Fourth Years have been very productive this week! Many learners have been busy working on their track layouts, as well as coming up with ideas for their pit designs. Last week, each project group bid on former projects to be represented in their pits. Projects chosen range from the first week the seniors were ever here, the cardboard car week, all the way to Finish Line, the project they are currently in. Each pit is responsible for including a "scrapbook" from each past project, actual artifacts, such as anchor documents, a children's area, and "sponsors" from the actual projects. The goal of these requirements is to make sure that the true journey of the first graduating class is represented in all the pits. The Finish Line project is all about reflection, which is exactly what Fourth Years have been up to in their final weeks as high school learners.

Upcoming Dates:

5/9 3rd Year Presentation event - Going Viral World Expo

5/12 Robotics Awards Banquet

5/14 Junior/Senior Prom

5/19 3rd Year Internship Job Fair

5/19 NHS Induction by invitation

5/20 Southwest Airlines Titan Talk - 3rd Years

5/23 4th Years Wacky Racers presentation event 6-8 pm

5/24 2nd Year Parent Info Night @ 6:30 pm Dome (dual credit, math choice, internships)

5/25 2nd Year Projet Y? presentation event 1-4:30pm

5/25 PTSA General Meeting and 1st Year presentation event Lights, Camera, Action

5/26 Learner Recognition Ceremony by invitation

5/27,30 Learner Holidays

5/31 - 6/3 Early Release @ 1:30

6/1 Senior Banquet Save the Date - RSVP and more info next week

6/2 Stay Day with Food Trucks sponsored by PTSA

6/2 Graduation Rehearsal @ 2:30 and Senior Facilitator Picnic and Senior Sunset @ 7:00

6/3 Graduation!