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Week of December 6

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  • Winter Concert Info - NEXT MONDAY
  • Objective Cards
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  • Covid- Quarantine
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Emerson Cluster Winter Concert

We are so excited for our first full band concert of the year. Please remember that all performances are required and count as a major test grade.

Student will wear their Informal Band Uniform. Below is the description from our Band Handbook.

"The Informal Uniform consists of the Scoggins Band t-shirt, blue jeans and casual shoes of the student’s choosing. Denim of any other color besides blue, such as green, pink, orange, purple, or black, is not allowed with the Informal Uniform.

The Beginning Band wears the ‘Informal Uniform’ at performances and other designated band functions."

Beginning Band Concert Itinerary

Date: Monday, December 13

Who? Beginning Band

Where: Emerson High School Auditorium

Dress: 2021-2022 Band T Shirt, Jeans and a an optional Holiday Hat

4:45-5PM -Arrive at Emerson High School Auditorium

5 PM-Seated on STAGE ready for Warm Up-Do not play your instrument until instructed to do so.

6:00-Concert Begins

6:20’ish -Concert Concludes - Students Dismissed

*All instrument cases should be left in parent vehicles with the exception of Tuba, Bassoon

*Please Bring a donation for LovePacs!

Winter Concert Itinerary

Click for printable version. Beginner Itinerary is on page 2.

Objective Cards - New Objective Cards coming 12/13

Please ensure that you have checked in and signed your student's practice log and action objectives!

Performance Objective(Assessed At School) - Minor Grade

  • 100% - Complete All
  • 85% - Complete 2 of 3
  • 70% - Complete 1 of 3

Action Objective(Completed Outside of Class Period)

  • This section will be for students who are looking for acceleration!

How to earn a Karate Belt

  • Students must pass off ALL Performance Objectives and 1 Action Objectives.
  • Parent Signatures on Action Objective Passed Off
  • Belts will be awarded once every 3 weeks

Scoggins Band Gives Back - Lovepacs

We are excited to give back to our community partnering with Lovepacs for a food drive and blessing cards. Please see the info below as well as a short video on how to help. We will be explaining in detail with our students when we return.

Candy Donation

While out and about if you would like to pick up a bag of candy to donate our students would much appreciate it! We use this as rewards for our "Grandaddy Champions", and other fun contests.

Please keep an eye out for gluten and peanut free items so we can have viable options for all of our students!

Thank you!

Big picture
Any and all donations to help support our band hall, students and directors would be greatly appreciated!

Covid Positive or Quarantine?

If your child has to stay home due to being Covid positive or is quarantining we want to make band as little stress as possible. Please use the guidelines below to help your child feel at ease with expectations:

Feeling Ill: Your child does not need to practice or worry about what is going on in band. We will catch them up once they return.

Quarantine or Asymptomatic: Google Meet links will be posted in Canvas for your student to join if they are feeling well enough to participate.

Upcoming Events

December 13 - Emerson Cluster Winter Concert - Emerson High School

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