"Kind of Chronological" *Images and words by Daniel Eugene

An interactive, multi-dimensional experience

'Kind of Chronological' will be an exhibition of images and words by Daniel Eugene that explores the relationship between the deeply felt personal experience and how it relates to a universal experience that is common to all.

Over 400 3.5/2.5in. images from Daniel Eugene's "one-a-day" series will tell a story.

Each image will have a short passage on the reverse side taken from Daniel Eugene's journal.

Each journal entry transcribed correlates to the date the image was created.

The content of each entry transcribed will focus on the universal distillations that result from the elaborate exploration of a deeply felt personal experience.


"The personal life deeply lived always transcends to truths that are universal."

- Anais Nin

"Art is a microscope which the artist fixes on the secrets of the Soul and shows to people these secrets which are common to all."

- Leo Tolstoy


Exhibition dates

Saturday, March 15th, 12pm - 7pm

Sunday, March 16th, 12pm - 5pm

Studio Feruvius @ Erector Sq.

315 Peck St.

New Haven, CT

Buiding 3, 2nd floor, Studio M

Studio Feruvius presents: "Kind of Chronological" - Images and words by Daniel Eugene

Saturday, March 15th, 12pm to Sunday, March 16th, 5pm

315 Peck St

New Haven, CT

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