The Treasure Map

April 15-19

Thought of the Week

Live your life so that when your students think of fairness, think of caring, think of integrity...they think of you.

The Week in Preview

Monday, April 15

  • 9:00-11:30 Career Day with Fifth Grade
  • 9:30- Ginny Moe from RHSD School Board Member in building
  • 2:45 First Grade PLC
  • 2:45 Third Grade PLC
  • 2:45 Fourth Grade PLC
  • MAP Testing-3-5 Grade
  • Lunch and Learns
  • Book Fair 8:15-2

Tuesday, April 16

  • 3-5 MAP testing
  • Fun Run Collection
  • Book Fair 8:15-2

Wednesday, April 17

  • 2:45 Second grade PLC
  • 2:45 Fifth grade PLC
  • 3-5 MAP window open
  • Student Council Meeting
  • Lunch and Learns
  • Acceptable Evidence Sessions
  • Fifth Grade to NASCAR
  • Science Bowl
  • Book Fair 8:15-6

Thursday, April 18

  • 3-5 MAP window open
  • Fun Run Collection
  • Liz Bridges with 3-5 grade during planning
  • Barbara Fewell with K-2 during planning
  • Accepptable Evidence Sessions
  • Book Fair 8:15-2

Friday, April 19

  • Lunch and Learns
  • Happy Birthday, Lonna!
  • Book Fair 8:15-9:30
  • Terrific Kid Due

Miss Willie Mae, what would we do without you??

Most of us don't know this, and she would never tell us herself for two reasons: (1) she arrives before most of us and, (2) it's not in her quiet nature to tell. Miss Willie Mae, as she opens and unlocks all of our classroom doors so we can enter with loaded arms easier, also picks up and reposts all the hall decorations and student work that has fallen during the night. Miss Willie Mae goes above and beyond, without tooting her own horn, to be sure our school is a beautiful environment that is inviting to students, teachers, parents, and staff. Miss Willie Mae, you are an important part of the IHES community! We couldn't do it without you!

The Pirate Way

  • Wow! We are already planning for next year, can you believe it? As we think about classroom assignments for students next year we reflect on how this was done in the past and how we can make improvements to benefit students. The request has been made by several teachers this year to be involved in both the "giving" and the "receiving" of students for class rosters next year. We have come so far with our PLC this year and we are ready to make this move with norms in place. There are several factors to consider when scheduling these meetings. In my experience, these meetings take approx. an hour. Due to the fact that we are using placement cards (remember the blue and pink cards from last year) you will need MAP and F and P data. So, we need to consider these timelines also. My questions to you are, are you willing to participate in placement meetings knowing that it means most grade levels will attend 2 meetings (except for K and 5)? Also, if you choose yes, you are willing to attend two meetings, please choose one of the three options of meeting timelines that you feel is most achievable. If the majority of teachers indicate they are not willing to participate in 2 meetings, we will move forward with placement meetings as they were conducted last year with minor modifications. Please click the link below and complete the survey to indicate your responses to the above questions. Please respond before leaving Wednesday, April 17, 2013.
  • It is time to nominate the IHES Teacher of the Year (TOY). Please click the following link and complete the form to nominate your choice for TOY. Only teachers who have been teaching three or more years can be nominated and only certified staff may nominate a teacher. The TOY must participate in the teacher forum at the district level. Also, anyone planning to retire prior to June 2014 should not be nominated. Please have these completed prior to leaving on Friday, April 19, 2013.
  • Please remind your staff members to keep their purses or other personal items secured and not where they can be easily seen. It would also be a good idea for teachers to lock their rooms while they attend meetings or will be away from their classroom.

  • Please be mindful of placing work orders as needed. Please note that even if you stop one of the workers to do something, a work order still needs to be entered so the work of our operation folks is recorded.

    How to Enter Work Orders:

    1). Access an Internet Page from any computer

    2). Erase ALL information in the address field - Type:

    3). Follow instructions

    *** ORGANIZATION CODE = 400416017

    *** If you are a "new user", you will need to enter your e-mail address.

    "Welcome" screen

    Step 1: Check to make sure the ³pre-filled² information is correct

    Step 2: - Select Location from the drop down box. *Select Room Number.

    Example (E-121 or C Hall restroom, etc). For tracking purposes, please

    use this format.

    Step 3: - Select Craft. Be very specific. Choose the craft that is more

    specific to the work that you are requesting.

    Step 4: Describe the problem. (Be specific. Include the room/area in your

    description.Description should be short & brief.)

    Step 5: Submittal Password is rhsd3

    Step 6: Submit

    Separate work orders should be entered for each craft/request that you are submitting.

Guidance News!

April is DILIGENCE month. Mrs. McCoy will be teaching our Pirates this means trying to do the best one can in everything. It means paying attention and not giving up. Work hard. Stay focused and get the job done even when there are challenges and distractions.

3,4,5 nominations due April 26

K,1,2 nominations due April 30

PLC Focus

This week our Leadership Team met for the first time. Thank you to those team members who have given of their time to serve in this way! Below is an outline of this meeting. Also, here is a link to a video session of this meeting. Feel free to watch the action at your leisure. Be sure to discuss mission statements in your PLC this week and draft a mission statement to be brought back to leadership team for IHES.

Leadership Team Meeting


· Developing Team Norms

· IHES Mission: A look at other schools (Lino)

o Mission: A statement that defines the core purpose of the organization

o Vision: A word picture of what the organization ultimately intends to become in the future

o Guiding Questions for your PLC…

§ How do we define the purpose of IHES?

§ Who do we serve?

§ How do we serve?

§ What are our guiding philosophies?

§ What do we want to communicate to all stakeholders? (Including all stakeholders)

§ What happens in our school when a student experiences difficulty learning?

§ What makes us unique?

Based on your PLC responses to these questions, what is the mission of IHES? These will be compiled and we will draft our mission at our next meeting. Please send these to Rhonda for compilation before leaving Monday, April 22, 2013.

· What are our Professional Development needs?

o Creating a survey to prepare for late start meetings next year!

Our Next Leadership Team Meeting will be April 23, 2013.