Sugar Packet Proportions

Coke or Water?

Coke and Water

You should drink more water mainly because without you would die, but lets say that coke has the same effects of water. Coke has 65 grams of sugar in a bottle, and water has 0. although water may not taste as good its still better or you.

You should ask your self, would you rather drink Coke (65 grams of sugar) or water (no sugar.) At first you might say coke without knowing the amount of sugar, but i my self when i found out how much sugar there was, i was surprised.

water chose the water!

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The math

so basically i did the means and extremes method, i started of with the 4 grams over 1 packet and 65 grams over unknown. So i had to do (1 packet x 65 grams = 65.) Then do (4 divided by 65) and you get 16.