Where are these parasites in you?

The tapeworm lies in the digestive tract of humans.

How does he tapeworm eat?

The tapeworm absorbs predigested food from the intestinal tract of its host.

Who does the tapeworm like to prey upon?

The tapeworm has many different hosts. It is commonly found in humans but can be found in dogs, cats, sheep, horses, and a variety of other animals.

Where can you find tapeworm?

You can find tapeworm in almost any land, ocean, and freshwater habitat where the hosts live.

How does it reproduce?

Tapeworm reproduction is internal. If necessary they can self fartilize eggs internally. Some speicies cross breeding between 2 species is necessary

How does the tapeworm adapt to us?

The tapeworm can inject its egg into human fecal matter and spreat it that way. The tapeworm also has no digestive system so it can suck nutrientd right out of us, make eggs, and infect more.

How large can these parasitical pests grow?

Some tapeworms can grow up to 33ft long! Tapeworm larva are about the size of a grain of rice in come cases.

Interesting facts

At least 125 million humas are infcted with tapeworm.

Tapeworm stray away from strong light

Tapeworm cannot live outside the host