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Special Edition: Teacher Appreciation Week, May 3rd-7th

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Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Every year, we take the first week of May to celebrate our staff members at Patrick Henry. Though it's officially labeled, "Teacher Appreciation Week," I use this time to celebrate every single staff member who plays a role in the running of our school. The ancient phrase, "It takes a village to raise a child" has never been more accurate when we think of the school community. Every person who works at Patrick Henry is a part of our educational village for every one of our students. We could not keep the school running without each staff member's gifts, talents, and energies. We could not keep the building safe and clean without all of us working together. And most importantly, we could not keep our students learning without every staff member giving their full 100% effort day in and day out. This week, I acknowledge and celebrate the hard work that our staff members bring to the table to make sure our students feel safe, loved, and challenged. Thank you to every Patrick Henry Educator for your years of service, your dedication to our community, and your love of children. YOU ARE A REAL LIFE SUPERHERO!

How did we celebrate our staff this week?

Marker Monday

On the first day of Teacher Appreciation Week, staff received a bundle of special markers. I can't explain it, but every teacher I've ever known just LOVES a good set of markers. And what's the best kind of markers? SHARPIES! Marker Monday was full of brightly colored sets and even some metallic specialty markers too!

Tasty Tuesday

On the second day of Teacher Appreciation Week, teachers received a special delivery from The Cup, our local St. Louis cupcake place that serves up the most delicious sweet treats in the city. If you haven't had the pleasure of this local delight, check out their Central West End location! Flavors were birthday cake, tuxedo, strawberry, and red velvet. Nom nom nom.

Which Wich Wednesday

On the third day of Teacher Appreciation Week, staff received a boxed lunch complete with sandwiches, chips, cookies, and a drink. I'm not sure why, but when food is free, it just tastes even better than usual! Staff participated in a socially-distanced lunch break where they were able to relax and unwind with their delicious treats. A huge thank you and shout-out to our community partners at Horace Mann who provided the lunch and made sure there were extras for all staff to feel celebrated!

Thankful Thursday

On the fourth day of Teacher Appreciation Week, staff received the gift that keeps on giving - a new staff hoodie! Designed with love by Dr. Rogers (and an actual team of professionals who know what they're doing), the hoodies are a lightweight material that provides sleeves and breathability at the same time. Every time I wear my hoodie, it will remind me just how lucky I am to have each one of our staff members on the Patrick Henry team.

Film Friday

On the final day of Teacher Appreciation Week, I had the help of McKinley's PTO, who provided adorable gift bags for teachers that were movie-themed. Staff members received popcorn and other supplies to make a true movie night with their families. It was really fun to partner with another SLPS school to make this gift happen, and it was also a great idea to give the staff an activity they can enjoy in their personal lives. Educators work so hard throughout the day that they need to have downtime and relaxation opportunities with their families!
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