Jackie Ronne

antarctic explorer


  • Name: Jackie Ronne

  • Born: October 14th, 1919, Baltimore, Maryland, United States

  • Death: June 14th, 2009, Bethesda, Maryland, United States

  • Early Life:

  • Born on the 14th of October, 1919 in Baltimore, Maryland, United States.

  • Studied at George Washington University.

  • Age of 28 Jackie went on an expedition to Antarctica with her husband in 1947.

  • Her goal for the expedition was to write her adventures for the North American Newspaper Alliance and the New York Times.

  • Exploration and Personal Achievements:

  • Jackie was the first woman ever to explore and live through the winter season of Antarctica, along with Jennie Darlington.

  • Why is the explorer remembered:

  • Often remembered as "Antarctica's First Lady," Jackie had a history degree from George Washington University that provided her with the skills to add to the adventures she shared with the expedition team.

  • Jackie Ronne is remembered because she was the first woman to cross Antarctica and she made history.

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