Stone Fox

By: John Reynolds Gardiner

Lead Characters:

Little Willy, Grandfather, Stone Fox, Searchlight, Doc Smith


Little Willy's grandfather gets sick and Willy has to take over the farm. One day a tax collector comes to Willy and his grandfather saying that need to pay off the ten years of taxes. So Little Willy enters in a dog race to get the $500 that they need to pay off the tax collector.

Did I like This novel?

I thought this book was a good. I liked it because it kept me in suspense. My favorite part was when Stone Fox helped Little Willy win the race. I feel like there was nothing in this book that I would change. This book had a great plot and i connected to the characters. Some adjectives that could describe this book are suspenseful, heart warming, action filled, good, and realistic. I would recommend this book for anyone that wants to read a good book.


This book uses everyday language or colloquial language.The level of the language makes the book pretty easy to read. So I would recommend this book to someone younger than me.

Figurative Language:

  • "...soft snow that rests like a blanket over the entire state." Page 22
  • "She had the greenest eyes you've ever seen." Page 14