By Katy, Amy, and Sydney

Site Factors

  • LLC: Land, Labor, Capital (Money)
  • Hot climate
  • Shale formations
  • Available land
  • Near electric power plants powering air conditioning
  • Land with underground space available for piping in order to transport the natural gas. This will be cheap and efficient.
  • We will control the processing of the natural gas by having that procedure done at our facility.
  • We will control the shipping by having the pipe lines close to our facility so we will be the ones transporting it to the pipe lines and completeing/controling the shipping through the pipes.

Situation Factors

  • A place that is close to the source, to reduce transportation costs.
  • Source and distribution centers in Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma or New Mexico- places where temperatures are high.
  • Location that is not transnational, so connections within the heart of the country makes for easier transport and exposure to a wider group of consumers.