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Weekly Update ~ October 10, 2018

Active Shooter Drill

Dear Parents and Guardians:

Starting this year, all Illinois school districts are required to conduct what is called an "active shooter/intruder" drill. Oak Grove has been preparing for this for more than three years. Our teaching staff has shared information with all of our students about what to do under these circumstances. We have worked hand in hand with the Lake County Sheriff's department for over four years developing our plans for such an emergency.

The Sheriff's department will be conducting the drill on Friday morning. It is going to be a simple, very controlled drill. There will be no firearms involved in the drill. They will explain the drill to all of the students over the P.A. system, before we commence. The sheriff's department has conducted several of the drills in other schools this year and have assured us they want it to be more of a "teachable moment" than anything else. We may have some students evacuate to the outside of the building. We expect others will stay inside. We have the greatest confidence that the staff will do a great job during the drill.

I just wanted to share with you that we will be conducting the drill on Friday. We expect it to last no more than 15 minutes, about the same as a fire drill. We wanted to assure you that it is going to be very controlled, as recommended by the Sheriff's department. It is unfortunate that school districts must prepare for such situations. However, Oak Grove has been very proactive in our planning and we feel prepared. We wanted to assure you that the drill will be safe. It is our hope that parents will not keep their children at home. We strongly recommend that our students participate and use the training and teaching they have been given by our teachers and staff. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at lemon@ogschool.org. Thank you.

With Oak Grove pride,

Dr. Lonny Lemon

Talented and Gifted Committee

The Talented and Gifted (TAG) Committee is in need of a few community members to collaborate with us this year. We are seeking the following stakeholders:

- an Oak Grove alum who is currently a high school student

- a K-2 parent

- a 3-5 parent (general education)

Please contact Lilli Melamed if you are available and interested. The committee will meet once a month on Thursdays from 4-6 PM. The first meeting will be early November.

The Battle of the Books is Back!

Battle of the Books fosters a love of reading. The activity encourages students to read carefully for details and sharpens comprehension skills. Additionally, it exposes students to a wide variety of quality literature beyond what they read in the classroom. Battle of the Books helps students build confidence and improves communication skills in a fun setting.

Battle of the Books follows a quiz-show format. Grade level teams of four to five students are asked to read and become knowledgeable about the content of 20 books from a list of award nominated titles.

Permission slips can be found in the virtual backpack on on the library website.

For further information contact Mrs. Rappaport: rappaport@ogschool.org

October 12th Stomp Out Bullying!

October is Bullying Awareness Month! All students kindergarten through fifth grade will participate in lessons that educate us on the signs of bullying. Students are taught to RECOGNIZE, REPORT AND REFUSE BULLYING. Bullying occurs when someone keeps being mean on purpose. The person hasn't been able to make it stop. It is unfair and one-sided.


* Hurting someone's body or belongings

* Using words to hurt someone's feelings

* Leaving someone out on purpose

* Getting others to be mean or exclude someone

Please tell your child that they SHOULD report bullying. Do not hesitate to contact your child's teacher if your child reports bullying. We are focusing on bullying as a behavior that needs to be corrected but WE ARE NOT labeling individuals as bullies.

Wear Blue to STOMP OUT BULLYING on Friday, October 12th!

Robotics Club

Come by to grab a permission slip from Mrs. Pusateri’s room 207. You must bring the permission slip to the first meeting, on October 30th.

Meeting Place: Mrs. Pusateri’s Classroom 207

Activities: Club members will build the EV3 robot and learn the basic functions, create challenges, and navigate the robot through the Lego challenge board. Prepares students for advanced grouping in 8th grade Robotics rotation.

2018-19 meeting dates are on Tuesdays (2nd and 3rd quarter only): October 30th, November 6th & 27th, December 11th, January 15th & 29th, February 12th & 26th, and March 12th is our last meeting.

Preschool Screening

Preschool screening will be held on Wednesday, October 17th from 1:00 -3:00 pm, for students who are three or four years of age. The screening will examine a child's proficiency in speech/language and motor development, as well as assess pre-academic skills. Parents with questions or concerns about their child's development may schedule an appointment by contacting Julie Waehner at (847) 367-4120 ext. 2004

PTO News

1st Box Tops Collection Fast Approaching!

Be sure to send in your Box Tops! We are counting down the days until the first collection deadline of November 1st. Students will hear about Box Tops this week during lunch – where to find them and what they can do for our school.

5-8 Book Fair

Mark your calendars for the 5-8 Book Fair which will be held on Nov. 6th-9th in the Jr. High Library. Please note that the Jr. High Library will be closed that week . If you would like to help out at the Book Fair, volunteer spots are still available. Click here to sign up !

Fannie May Candy Sales

Order forms are due no later than October 19th. Return the white and yellow copies of the order form with your payment made out to Oak Grove PTO. All orders will be shipped directly to your home the week of November 12th. Please contact Cristina Buelow at 224-430-3295 or Carlene Lichter at 847-816-3925 with any questions

Spirit Wear

Spirit wear orders will be in at the end of this week and distributed as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please contact Courtney Johnston: johnstoncourtneyr@gmail.com

Save the Date - Saturday, December 1st is the Oak Grove Holiday Market & Pancake Breakfast.

Curriculum Corner

Hello Oak Grove Community,

As part of our continuous improvement efforts, Oak Grove has a five year curriculum review cycle. This year, it is time to review our math materials for our kindergarten through eighth grade students. In order to complete the review process, many math resource companies were reviewed and we are in the process of determining which vendors to bring in for more formal presentations. Areas considered during the review process include: alignment to our Illinois state standards, its ability to meet the needs of all of our learners, the implementation of the 8 mathematical practices and conceptual framework philosophy, continuity across grade levels, ability to assist teachers in developing students’ math skills, and opportunities for teachers to model instruction as well as student opportunities to demonstrate their learning.

Teacher representatives will participate in the publisher presentations and use a comprehensive rubric to evaluate the publishers. If appropriate, we will pilot materials in order to provide the teachers and students an opportunity to implement one unit from the resource. This will allow us to get a better sense of the materials prior to making a long term commitment to a set of resources.

As the math review process continues, we will keep you informed.

Join Cub Scouts!

Oak Grove Pack 194 is inviting boys and girls, grades K through 5, to join Cub Scouts. Over two million families around the world are involved in Scouting. Come out and discover the fun, adventure and learning that Cub Scouting brings in our year-round program.

Pack 194 Cub Scouts offers exciting and challenging activities that develops leadership, communication skills and good citizenship. Family involvement is an essential aspect of the program as we learn and enjoy outdoor activities, STEM experiments, camping, teamwork, and family values while earning personal achievements and peer recognition.

If you would like to learn more about Cub Scouts, please come out and attend our next monthly pack meeting. Typically, meetings are held in the Junior High Cafeteria, but our next gathering is an offsite activity at Code Ninja in Libertyville. (see details below):

Who: Boys and girls grades K to 5

Where: Code Ninja, Red Top Plaza in Libertyville (1324 S. Milwaukee)

When: Friday, October 12, 2018 @ 7pm

New scout sign-ups will be available onsite for the duration of this Pack event. For more information about Cub Scout Pack 194 visit: pack194.mypack.us. You may also reach out to our pack leadership with any questions:


Homer Benavides


Committee Chair:

Ben Jeckel



Virtual Backpack

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