The Articles of Confederation

By Martin Wanzer

How it started

If you're reading this you're either Mr.Sosa or someone who isn't familiar with U.S. history. Either way, how about I tell you about the Articles of Confederation. This goes all back all the way to 1783, the year the Treaty of Paris was signed. America was finally free from King George the 3rd. But America still had problems controlling their new land. So they made the Articles of Confederation.

How it went wrong

There were many problems with the Article of Confederation:

1. They had no money to uphold their government and many other things

2. Congress had no governmental power to uphold their people

3. No court system to protect people's rights and the people themselves

4. They could not gain money by holding taxes because they couldn't make the people pay.

5. Their citizens were being attacked by the western border.

Shay's Rebellion

Shay's Rebellion caused a shortage on money for the government. And farmers couldn't pay their debts and taxes. And it effected the colonies by making the Americans realize how weak their government truly is. This also caused people like James Madison to form better government.

How they fixed it

After they realized how much of a fail their system was, the leaders of America got together and held the Constitutional Convention. In that that time, the government got together and decided on the Great Compromise.

Northwest Ordinance of 1787

At the end of the Convention, the government agreed on The Northwest Ordinance of 1787. It was like a combination of the Great Compromise and many other laws.