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What Makes the Show What You Know on the Common Core Books Different than Others on the Market?

It's very simple - ours are SO much better! But if you have someone who needs proof, here's some facts you can throw their way:

Our books help students get prepared for taking the CCSS tests - think TEST PREP.

Our books allow students to experience a test-taking environment similar to that of an actual testing day. Each student must have his or her own book to take the practice assessments. These are NOT reproducible activity books.

We provide two complete assessments for each subject tested in Grades 3-8.

Every question is correlated to a specific Common Core Standard which is LISTED IN THE BOOK. We didn't just slap a sticker on the book stating it's correlated.

We also include materials on test-taking strategies and test anxiety reduction specifically written for each grade level, both very important topics in today's test-focused classrooms.