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Safety, performance, and luxury.

Most of you know how wonderfully Beautycounter performs and how very safe it is. In this newsletter, I wanted to share some articles with you about your health, wellness and safety in the beauty industry.

This is what Congress is doing. Click below.

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toxic ingredients in body lotions

Arming yourself with good information is the first step towards better beauty. Check out Beautycounter's latest blog which dives into "Never List" ingredients that are commonly found in body lotion: Click here for the article:

Face Oils during pregnancy and afterward...

What oils you should avoid during pregnancy, plus 4 that will keep your skin glowing. Beautycounter's Face Oil #1 was listed in as one of the BEST!!!

Click here for the article:

Clean your laundry and your home!

Did you know that some of the most toxic pollutants in your home are laundry detergents, scented candles and fabric softeners?

Click here for the article.

We are rated in Better Homes and Gardens!

Thank you Better Homes and Gardens for rating Beautycounter's Tint Skin as "A Best in Beauty"!

See full article here.

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Campbell's discloses...

Last year,..... Thank you Campbell's Kitchen will become the first major food company to begin disclosing the presence of genetically engineer...ed ingredients like corn, soy and sugar beets in its products.

You can read the article here.

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