aspersionem = a sprinkling

noun: an attack on the ethics or reputation of a something or someone


calumny, slander, vituperation, defamation, animadversion, invective, depreciation, disparagement, criticism


The speaker's ruthless aspersion of his opponent shocked even his supporters; he openly insulted him on a personal level, and accused him of having no moral code.

His ignorant and baseless aspersion of the reign of Julius Caesar was deeply offensive to me; did he had no grounds to accuse such an influential leader of such ethical wrongs without evidence.

Never speak aspersively of those who have talked poorly of you; disregard their criticism instead of giving them any in return.

Aspersion of others can be a greater sin than physical violence; damaging someone's reputation often can mean more to them than bodily harm.

What have I done to deserve such aspersion? I have never spoken ill of you before.

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