Tori Ely

General Information: What You Need to Know

The capital of Nicaragua is Managua. Other major cities include León, Tipitapa, Granada, and Masaya. Their currency is the Cordoba oro. The flag is blue with a horizontal white stripe through the middle to represent the surrounding oceans. An emblem is in the center with the words "República de Nicaragua, America Central".

History: Then and Now

Nicaragua was primarily colonized by the Spanish; however, Great Britain did control certain areas along the coastlines. On September 15, 1821 the Central American country gained independence and in 1838 decided declared itself an independent republic. Now, president Daniel Ortega governs the country with the economic system of communism.

Tourism: Stop On By!

Nicaragua, located between Costa Rica and Honduras, is renowned for their safety, hospitality, tropical climate, and biodiversity. If you visit, it is essential to see the dazzling Caribbean Coast, haunting ruins of Leon Viego, enthralling Xiloa Lagoon, and quaint churches of Leon. Physical features such as the Cerro Negro volcano, Logo de Nicaragua, and low, central mountains including Momotombo add to the unique and once in a lifetime experience.

Interesting Facts!

Logo de Nicaragua is home to the world's only freshwater sharks.

Nicaragua was the first Central American country to have a female president.

Instead of street names, a person's address is given using the nearby landmarks.