by Alisia Oliver and talia sanders

the size

The size of vega is

the color

The color of vega is bluish white.

the temperature

The temperature is 17000 degrees Fahrenheit. That's means it's 7000 degrees hotter than the sun.

the luminosity

The luminosity of vega is 50

the composition

The composition of vega is 2.153

how far is it

Vega is currently 25 light years in distance away from the earth

how old is it

Vega is currently 455 years old.


Vega is a harp star but is in the Lyra constellation group.

how does it compare to the sun

Vega is 17000 degrees.which means that it is 7000 degrees hotter than the sun. Vega is 455 years old so it's kinda still a baby that's way younger than the sun. Vega is classified into a constellation group however the sun is not. Vega comes out in the mid-evening of May but the early evening of june. But the sun is always out.

if vega was a good candidate

I don't think vega is a good candidate because the star is too hot so if it's associated with a earth like star I think that it would burn it up. Plus vega is still a baby. It's only 455 years old. a lot of the other planets have been here for a while and are much older especially earth. Plus vega is a harp star and in the Lyra constellation which is further away from the planets.

what star would be a good candidate

I think a star with an estimate temperature that's closest to the others in the solar system would be better. A star that's older. A star that's stronger.


Did you know that vega is in a very beautiful story ......"on the 7th night of the 7th moon.

Did you know that couples propose and get married on a hill on the evenings of which the star will be visible

Did you know

Did you know that many Japanese stories are told around the existence of vega.
Vega is sometimes called handbags in some places.
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