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August 28, 2020

Good, Better, Best; Never Let it Rest Until Our Good is Better and our Better is BEST!

Principal's Update

What a great first week! Thank you to all students (and parents) for logging in to your Zoom sessions and completing work. Next week we start our full day of instruction. See schedules below for exact times.

Thank you to all families who picked up their materials on Friday August 21. We are aware there is still some missing curriculum. As curriculum arrives, we will schedule another distribution date for materials pick-up.

Welcome Video from Mrs. Schwartz

(Please click on closed captioning for Spanish translation).

Please check our website for more updates:

Distance Learning Expectations

As we start the school year with Distance Learning it’s important to follow these expectations:

- Have materials prepared and ready to learn

- Log in at your assigned time

- Be dressed for the school day

- Limit distractions

- Be engaged in your learning

- Attendance is mandatory

Distance Learning Schedules

Each teacher will provide a more detailed weekly schedule for Distance Learning, but all students will follow the schedules outlined below.

Important Factors Regarding Schedules:

  1. All classes begin at 8:00am with a morning meeting.

  2. Attendance will be taken during the morning meeting and core instruction blocks.

  3. Core Instruction will be taught in two blocks focusing on English Language Arts (ELA) and Math.

  4. Teachers have flexibility within those Core Blocks to schedule LIVE Synchronous and/or Asynchronous (Independent) Instruction. Decisions will be age appropriate and based on the needs of the class, as determined by the teacher's professional judgement.

  5. Teachers will establish a schedule for the Small Group Zoom sessions.

  6. Teachers will also communicate expectations for the Independent Work Time.

  7. The schedule was designed to help ease the transition when we return to campus.

There might be some bumps along the way as we work through our Distance Learning Schedules. We understand and we are committed to practicing grace, patience, and flexibility as we all work through this together. We are counting on our families to do the same.

Don't forget, grab and go meals are available every day at

Paularino Elementary from 11:00am - 12:30pm!

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