7 battles of the civil war

Cameron Brown

The first battle of bullrun

The first large battle of the war.The union wanted to seize a major railroad but the confederates were waiting for them.

The Peninsular Campaign

The union approached Yorktown and were defeated by the confederates.
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The battle of Antietam

the confederate were going to attack the union but a soldier dropped the plans and the plans were found by the union so they new what was coming.

The battle of Shiloh

The battle of shiloh was one of the wars of the Wars in the West.this was one of the bloodiest battles that the union won.

The Battle of Chancellorville

the south won the battle and raised their hopes.

The battle of gettysburg

the Confederate snuck up on the union and beat them.

Battle of Atlanta

Atlanta had fallen and was burned down by general sherman.