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Hawaii controlled by the US

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Big Buisness

Do you think John D. Rockefeller is your friend? He owned a standard oil company. He created a monopoly: putting people out of business. His company cared little for the consumers and did anything to get a profit off of anyone. He is called the "robber baron."

Classified Ads

Acres of farmland on the river $100.00

Need 75 women to work in Cotton Mills $1.00 per week

Need health care professionals

Buy a liberty bond

Mechanical Transport

Lamar using soap and watch the fat drop

The Big Four

The four leaders of the League of Nations Woodrow Wilson, David Lloyd George, Georges Clemenceau, and Vittorio Orlando met in Paris France. The men made Germany sign the treaty of Versailles and made them confess to starting the war.

Babe Ruth's Debut with the Yankees

Babe Ruth was known as the "Sultan of Swat." He was apart of the Yankees with his partner, Lou Gehrig. Ruth hit 20 home runs and he was known as one of the famous sports heroes of all time.
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I Want You

The U.S. army needed soldiers and used these posters to get men ages 21-35 to sign up.
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Standard Oil Octopus

The octopus is standard oil and taking control of the capital, the White House, and the leaders.

Red Grange's University of Illinois Athleticism

Red Grange played for the Fighting Illini in College Football. He was known as the "Galloping Ghost." He scored lots of touchdowns every game he played without being brought down by defensive players.