Top Jobs of 2014

By. Cyurs Shular

the top ten jobs of the year

The top ten list is...

1. Software Developer 2. Computer Systems Analyst 3. Dentist 4. Nurse Practitioner 5. Pharmacist 6. Registered Nurse 7. Physical Therapist 8. Physician 9. Web Developer 10. Dental Hygienist

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What each job does... Definitions are from articles on

software developer- developes programs to see.

computer system analasist- studys what people or organizations do on their computers.

dentist- cleans teeth so the person has a less likely chance to get cavitys.

nurse practitoner- provide care in family practice offices, urgent care centers, and rural health clinics, and maintain collaborative working relationships with physicians.

Pharmacist-Pharmacists compound preparations, fill prescriptions, educate consumers about their medication and how to take it, and other duties.

Registered nurse-Registered Nurses are part of a multi disciplinary health care team. They provide patient care, educate patients on their disease and how to live a healthy lifestyle, they monitor the patients illness and record and monitor their response to treatments and medications.

Physical therapist- They examin you to see what the best treatment plan is.\

Physician-decide what types of medicen you need and do somethings to see what you are having a problem with

Web developer- creates websites on the internet

Dental hygentist- makes sure that your teeth are ok and dont have any problems.

Median wages

Software developer-(90,00)
computer system analyst-(80,000)
Nurse practitioner(91,000)
Registered nurse-(65,000)
Physical therapist-(80,000)
Web developer-(62,500)

Why the top three are the top three.

1. Software developer is the number 1 job because you can do this job entirely at home and has no fees.

2.Computer system analysist is the number2 job because of the high demand for people to tell what is wrong with your computerr and what people have bee ndoing on them

3.Dentist is the number 3 job because there is a huge need for good hygiene and people love to help others keep a clean mouth and has good pay.