Service Learning and Its Importance

By: Deniz E., Trevor H., Abhi C., Nathan P., Ryley A.

About Soldier's Angels

This organization allows people the opportunity to either donate to the soldiers themselves, or their families. You can make care packages, donate items or just money, and you can do either of these for the wounded, deployed, veterans, and the soldiers families.

Our Contribution to the Organization

Our first step in contributing to the Soldier's Angels Organization was to contact its headquarters. We spoke with a representative from the organization named Heather Krauss. We asked M(r)s. Krauss if there were any volunteer opportunities in the DFW area, and she gave us the contact information of a representative in Texas. We emailed this representative, and found out that there were in fact volunteer opportunities in our area, but unfortunately, the nearest place we could volunteer at was Mansfield, and none of our group members had the time to travel that far during the weekends or weekdays, due to other commitments. So we decided that since we had already researched about this organization, it would be justified if we went ahead and donated to them.

Our Next Step

Since donating isn’t a source of direct volunteering, we thought that we should add on to our project, by finding a way to volunteer, directly. So on the 14th of December, we called Valley Ranch Baptist Church, and asked them if they had an volunteer opportunities in the near future. We were delighted when informed that they had many opportunities for us to volunteer. We decided to take the “Christmas Store” option, which included wrapping gifts, sorting clothes, and more. Two days later, we went to the church.

Volunteering at the Christmas Store

Once we arrived at Valley Ranch Baptist Church, we signed in, and were given job assignments. Nathan and Deniz were assigned the job of sorting clothes, and Trevor, Abhi, and Ryley wrapped gifts. Nathan also took photos. We spent around an hour and a half to two hours at the church, and once we were done, we signed out and left. The toys that we wrapped and the clothes we sorted out are now going to be given to less fortunate kids and teenagers around the DFW area.

Some Photos of Us Volunteering

Daily Journals

Journal #1

On Monday we started planning how we were going to do the project. We decided that we were going to do our service project on soldiers Angels and help out soldiers families for the holiday season. We created a doc to put all our info on then we're going to transfer it onto our webpage.

Journal #2:

On Wednesday we called Heather to secure our plans for our service learning and she gave us another number that was the soldier's Angels representative in Dallas. We then emailed the new representative to find volunteering options in our area.

Journal #3:

On Thursday, we started the creation of our smore. Beth contacted us with volunteering options. However, since they were too far away, we had to decline. We then decided that since we have already done much research about this organization, we should go ahead and donate to them. But since this is not a form of direct service learning, we decided to add on to our project, by find volunteering opportunities near us.

Journal #4

Today we talked to a woman at Valley Ranch Baptist Church about volunteering options. She told us that Saturday afternoon was a good time to volunteer so we prepared to volunteer then.

Journal #5

We inserted photos that we took into our research document. We then started planning the presentation.

Journal #6

We distributed roles of the presentation throughout the group and practiced presenting.

Conclusion and Wrap-Up

Volunteer is essential to becoming a more humanitarian person. Likewise with service learning, and everybody should do either of these at least once in their life. We have to understand that some people in this world are less fortunate than others, and it is one’s job to fulfill and help these less fortunate people. Volunteering is also a powerful way of tackling the problems we see in our world today, such as poverty, inequality, and many other things. Through service learning, students, and even teachers can learn a whole lot, and it produces a final product that is the cumulative event of people in a group working hard to achieve an end goal. These thing help change communities one step at a time. They help educate the public on current issues. They keep our streets clean. They bring a smile to a face. These are the things that make our world a better place, slowly, but surely.

Group Roles and Citations

Group Roles

Deniz Evlioglu- Research, contact representatives, introduction, conlcusion, create product.

Trevor Holmes- Research, create organization overview, journals 1-3.

Abhi Cherikuri- Research, contact representatives, contribution slide

Nathan Payan- Research, contact representatives, volunteering slide, take pictures at VRBC.

Ryley Andrews- Research, journals 4-6, journals slide, create product.

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