May 2-6 Newsletter

Miss Fletcher & Mrs. Wiley

Happy Monday!

I hope you had an amazing weekend with your family! I closed on my house and spent the weekend moving (whenever it wasn't raining!). I hope your child has had the chance to tell you all about our Survivor Camp! It has been so much fun and I have been so impressed with the teamwork and good attitudes that our kids have!

Please remember the May the 4th is both Star Wars day and parent information meeting for our Austin trip. Kids can dress up in Star Wars attire and have a fun "May the 4th be with you" day! Our Austin Meeting will be held at 7:15 in the library. You can enter through the library doors on the playground side of the school. We will be sending out an email with the topics discussed later on Wednesday for those who are unable to attend.

On a similar note, if you plan on driving down to meet us in Austin, please email your child's classroom teacher and let them know that you are going. Please include all others riding with you as well as a cell number that you can be reached. I will be making a text group so that I can keep you informed in case you get separated from the bus.

STAAR testing is next Monday and Tuesday. PLEASE send a lunch with your child on those days as we will be eating in the room!

Monday, May 2: K-2nd grade EOY ISIP assessment this week, REACH kinder testing, and RISD Board of Trustees meeting at 6PM at the admin building.

Tuesday, May 3: Lone star challenge practice after school.

Wednesday, May 4: 4th grade ATX parent meeting at 7:15AM in the library, "May the 4th Be With You" celebrations. Wear Star Wars gear!

Thursday, May 5: Happy Cinco de Mayo! Muffins with mom at 7AM in the library, PTA meeting at 8AM at the outdoor learning center, LHAECPTA preschool picnic, Read for Need celebration, 4th-6th choir goes to Sandy Lake.

Friday, May 6: Kinder goes to the zoo, and National Nurse's Day!

Saturday, May 7: Lone star challenge competition at BHS

On the Horizon & Other WRE News:

5/8 – Mother's Day

5/9 – 3,4,& 6 Math STAAR/ 5 Math STAAR Retest

5/10 – 3, 4, & 6 Reading STAAR / 5 Reading STAAR Retest

5/11 – 5 Science/ Make Ups

5/13 – Kickball tournament starts and Last day for online enrollment

5/15 – This is the last week of all GT services

Mrs. Wiley: Reading and Language Arts

Reading and Vocab:

ØThe students will continue with Reading genre STAAR reviews. We will finish 4th grade Ultimate Survivor Challenge. At the end of 4th grade Ultimate Survivor, the class who wins the most challenges will be named the Ultimate 4th Grade Survivor!! Mrs. Wiley’s class color is blue turquoise & Miss Fletcher’s class color is lime green. Students are encouraged to wear their homeroom colors each day.

**Countdown till Reading STAAR Test, Tuesday, May 10!!** Pack your lunch on May 9th & May 10th!

Writing and Grammar:

ØThis week the students will continue to publish their descriptive writing/poem of all of the seasons.

ØThe students will take a Spelling Test on Friday.

Miss Fletcher: Math and Science

This week in math we will be completing our one week math STAAR review. We will go through each math category beginning at place value. Every day your child will work with a group, then work with a partner before moving on to finishing up their review on their own. We are so ready for testing next Monday, I can't wait to see how well we do!