PD September 1st, 2015

Evaluation Overview

Briefly go over our current evaluation system. Pass out a copy of the current evaluation system to all teachers.

Rocks or Sucks


  1. Once given a topic staff must choose (quickly) if that topic either Rocks or Sucks.
  2. The Rocks people will go to one side of the room and the Sucks people will go to the other side of the room.
  3. Each side will have 2:30 to discuss the topic in their group and come up with an argument to convince the other group they are right. The goal is to get other people to come over to your side.
  4. Each group will have 1 minutes to present their argument and try to get people to change their opinion. We don't want the same presenters going over and over.
  5. Everyone returns to the middle for the next topic, and then the activity resumes.

Practice Rock or Sucks (not evaluation based)

  • Standardized Testing
  • Student Cell Phones

Evaluation Topics for Rocks or Sucks

  • Final Number Grade
  • Data Sections
  • Class Walk Through
  • Formal Evaluation
  • Close-Out Meetings
  • Lesson Plans and Standards
  • Principal Feedback
  • Principal Support to Struggling or New Teachers

Teacher Videos

As a group we will watch a few videos of teachers in the classroom. After the video teachers will discuss in small groups what they noticed in the videos.

Power Teaching-6th Grade Math

Whole Brain Teaching--High School Math

Challenging Students