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March 2015 Newsletter

TravelMate Deployment of Moulton High School

The months of February and March have been very busy with the processing and roll out of the TravelMates. We have conducted a two-week orientation of the devices with the students by deploying them into specific classrooms to ensure all students had access to them. We also had class meetings to discuss the handbook for the TravelMates. Each student received specific instructions on how to care for the devices properly. Agreement forms were signed and returned before devices were deployed to the students. Three different parent meetings were offered to introduce parents to the device and answer any questions they had regarding the handbook. TravelMates were deployed over a two-week period to the students. Most students began using them immediately in class. Training was conducted for teachers both before deployment and after deployment. The teachers were introduced to several technology tools they could use in their classroom. Most teachers walked away from the training excited about using Kahoot. Actually, on Friday after the teacher training there were several classes engaged in using this program in class. It was a joy to see the excitement of the students as they were engaged in the learning process of their classrooms.