How to be a craft artist

By : Gio Flores


Do you know what's a craft artist? They like to make a lot of different things, the y like to draw and they like to use there hands.


1. you need a bachelor or masters degree in fine arts

2. you need to love art and what you're doing

3. Have fun!

Work Environment

You can work indoors and outdoors

You can work in a desk and do field work

You can where anything but not anything inappropriate

You can do both group work and individual work

Need pencils, markers, paper etc.

Job Description

- Salary 44,400

- opportunities are being a designer

- 7% of these promotions will be needed for the future

Responsibilities are...

- creative ideas

- develop methods

- techniques

- artistic styles

- financial support

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I'd still like pursuing this job because art is never an end.

Art is for LIFE!!!