Tropical RainForest

Come to Our Zoo and Enjoy Our Beautiful Tropical Rainforest

Our Zoo is the Best !

Come to Our Zoo ! it has lots of wonderful animals ! You can experience ever single one of them . Learn how they live , eat , and survive the everyday life . It has a playground for your kids . Our zoo is really a special place to enjoy your time and have fun with your family!

Come To our Zoo !

Open Hours , Days

Mon-Fri : 10:00 - 6:30

Saturday: 12:00 - 7:00

Sunday : CLOSED

Plants in the Zoo!

In addition to our animals we have many varieties of plants such as Bromeliads, carnivorous Plants , Lianas and much more beautiful Plants !

The Climate and Tempature

Climate at the tropical Rain Forest is very humid due to the rainfall . There's about 100 inches of water each year. The average temperature reaches up to about 95 degrees F and drops to about 68 Degrees.