Technology Class

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Imagine you could make your own movie. iMovie can do that and more like how you can let you edit so its amazing. You can add still frames or video clips. iMovie is very easy to use. Your able to shrink and make your photos bigger. You can also move your photos around so they look good. You can preview your movie before you show it. You can export your movie to your camera roll and from there turn it in as assignment to anywhere. iMovie can be found on your iPad, mac and any apple products.


iTrailer can be found in the iMovie app on your iPad, mac or any other apple products. iTrailer can be used to make a trailer for your iMovie. iTrailer has a variety of themes to choose from. Each theme has a different amount of "slides" or places you can put footage. in each place you can either put photos or very tiny pieces of video depending on how many seconds you have for that place. Each place does have seconds on how long that photo or video is going to be shown. Like an iMovie you can export to your camera and then to any assignment.

Haiku Deck

Haiku deck is an app for apple products. Haiku deck lets you make a slide show,but with more pow. Here you can do different organized ways for your writing. You can also add photos by searching photos on Haiku deck or use the main words that you used in your writing for photos. One more thing you can share this with anyone.

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Explain Everything

In Explain Everything you can, well, you can explain everything. You can add photos, text and draw on all of that. You can also record your voice if you feel up to it. Like many other apps you can export your work to camera roll and off to an assignment for an A plus.

Go Animate

Go Animate is a site for the computer and any apple products. This site allows you to make a movie/slide show with different themes. With every theme there are different objects and people. With every character you can change the tone of there voice and control what they say.