Jericho, Israel

Belle Quiroz, Lawren Phillips, & Garrett Peck

Time span & Geographical Location

Natufians established the settlement that became Jericho around 14,000 years ago. Jericho in the Jordan Rift Valley. The valley was formed by a fault along the boundary between the African and Arabian tectonic plates.

900 feet below sea level .

Agricultural/Geographic Challenges & Scientific Advancements/Achievements

The city is well protected by Mount Nebo to the east and the Central Mountains to the west. These geological features from natural defenses.

Jericho has natural defenses and a favorable location. But its most significant environmental advantage is its access to reliable water supplies. Water is essential for survival in the harsh desert.

Jericho is located in an oasis. It is supplied by an amazingly dependable underground water supply known as the Ain es-Sultan.

Natural defenses. Strategic location. Rich soil. Abundant sunshine. Plentiful water. All these have made Jericho an attractive and sustainable place for thousands of years. Jericho is the oldest city and was one of the first cities to use agriculture.

Main food source & Main domesticated animals

In the biblical town of Jericho the main food sources included, deer, rabbits, gazelles, wheat, wild boar, and other seed plants.

There are domesticated animals such as, dogs, goats, donkeys, and camels. Mostly all of these were domesticated between the time of 390-380 B.C.

Interesting information

Jericho is a very interesting town. The city was also mentioned in the bible according to the book of Joshua. This is a very ancient city but it continues to grow through the years. There are also many beautiful architectures in Jericho; It is a very beautiful city.