The Bulldog Bark

Week of May 20 - 24, 2019

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This Week

May 20 - 24

Monday 5/20

6th Grade Awards, 8:25

7th Grade Awards, 9:15

PTA Meeting, 5:30

Tuesday 5/21

SPHS Walk of Remembrance, 9:05

8th Grade Graduation Practice, 1:05

Theatre Banquet, 6:00

Wednesday 5/22

8th Grade Bridging and Awards Ceremony, 2:00

ERIP Training, 3:45

Athletics Banquet, 5:30

Thursday 5/23

EOY Celebration

Last Day of School

Friday 5/24

Staff Development


Kudos to Dama Hamrick, Sarah Martinez, Jean Sarre, Michelle Leonard, David Cooper, and Mr. Teal for always making me laugh and smile in the hallways! :)

Kudos to Karina Adams for doing a great job as Jessica’s long-term sub in the art room!

Kudos to Cherri and Wendy for being there for me and others when we need just about anything!

Kudos to Patti Cole, “Ms. P,” and Elenor Gahchan for all the work you do with our kiddos in the art room.

- Cristy Crowder

A great big Congrats/Good Luck to Mary Helen Tamayo on her retirement!

- David Wolbrueck

FCC & FAC....we rocked STAAR field trip week!!!!!! WAY TO GO TEAM!!!!!!

- Amanda Morales

Once again, KUDOS to the BEST Math Department in the district. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to your students. It is a total pleasure to work with you. I am looking forward to next year to continue our journey together to facilitate math mastery for our students.



Kudos to Xochitl Gamas and Victoria Reyes for being amazing dance instructors! The choir students choreographed their own spring show based on all of the wonderful things you taught them. Thanks for being amazing!

- Sarah Martinez

May and Summer Birthdays

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Dusti Cerda 22

Jeremy Thompson 25


Barbara Queen 10

Samantha Guerrero 10

Cindy Rose 14

Anna Debalski 26


Jennifer Gregorcyk 11

Victoria Ochoa 13

Patricia Ephlin 23


Natosha Daniels 4

Travis Ancelet 10

Kimberly Zielnicki 15

Frances Russek 18

Amy Cowan 19

Jess Streu 19

Dionne Ayodele 20

Daisy Medina 28

Philip Williams 29