Healthy Heart Awareness

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Your heart is one of the most important organs in your body, preforming one of the most important task.
Now I know your brain and your lungs and your stomach and all those organs share importance too, but this cardiac tool pumps blood throughout your blood vessels, also carry oxygen to your organs, sharing this red liquid with your body from your scalp to your toes.
Taking care of your body and keeping your heart healthy is VERY important, for if the heart does not work, the individual cannot function as well.

Have you thought about your heart health? Is it in good conditions? Prevent any cardiovascular diseases by taking care of your heart!

High Blood Pressure Basics

HYPERTENSION- The Silent Killer

What is Hypertension?

Hypertension means high blood pressure, the force of blood pushing up against the blood walls. Hypertension could result in heart attacks, stroke, aneurysms, organ failure, and heart failure.

"The organs in your body need oxygen to survive. Oxygen is carried through the body by the blood. When the heart beats, it creates pressure that pushes blood through a network of tube-shaped arteries and veins, also known as blood vessels and capillaries. The pressure --- blood pressure --- is the result of two forces. "

-American Heart Association definition of Hypertension

Ion Channel abnormalities and Hypertension

Ion channel abnormalities are diseases caused by a mistake in the ion channel subunits. Ion channel abnormalities have an effect on the potassium levels in the body. This contributes to hypertension, because the change in potassium levels also change the blood pressure of an individual. High and low blood pressure could be caused by abnormalities of the epithlial sodium channel.

Hypertension in the United States

Hypertension is a risk factor for fatal and nonfatal cardiovascular diseases. Hypertension affects one in three americans, and two-thirds of those people are untreated. 68 million adults in the United States have been recorded to have hypertension. Mississippi is said to have the highest percentage of Americans who have hypertension, leading the statistics with a high 35.9%. Minnesota has the lowest percentage, having about 20.9% of its people having hypertension. It is the #1 killer in America, being responsible for the deaths of 326,000 Americans. Although more health care is being put on hypertension, the numbers are still growing within the nation.

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Stay Away From a Weak, Unhealthy Heart!

Current Medical Research

Many medical research is being done on hypertension and the health of a heart.

Research says that it is possible to prevent or delay events in hypertension if the person is identified early enough in their life, which is a research done on the phenotypes.

Another research is being done to find out the pattern of hypertension in people's lives. Researchers believe that if they find out the pattern, they can stop the flow of it, causing a drop of numbers of hypertension in individuals. They believe they can find medications, therapeutics, create new enzymes, and advance techiniques and blood measurements once they find the pattern.

Researchers are trying to find the sociological understanding of high blood pressure. They are looking at the genetic, environmental, and dietary factors of the individual.

Prevent Hypertension!

Your heart is critical in your life, so why not protect it and keep it pumping?

Hpertension is a serious thing, and the number of people who have hypertension keep on growing. We must try to prevent and elliminate our chances of getting hypertension in our future.

To lower your chances of high blood pressure and furthering yourself from any heart/ organ diseases, consider:

  • Maintaining a Healthy Weight

People over the healthy weight mark are four times more likely to have high blood pressure. Even the small amount of weight loss can make a big difference in your chances of getting hypertension.

  • Regularly Exercise

People who are physically active have a lower risk of getting hypertension. Keep the heart pumping- even the easiest, simpliest, workouts done daily can lower the risk of high blood pressure.

  • Reduce Salt Intake

Keeping a low sodium intake can lower the risk of hypertension BIG TIME. Blood pressure falls when you consume less salt.

  • Reduce stress!

Blood pressure rises when your stress levels go up. Reduce your stress!