Weekly Update

June 15 ~ End of School Year

We wish everyone a safe and healthy summer break and look forward to seeing you again in the fall.

Last Thursday June 11th was the last day of school for the 2019-2020 school year and as our year comes to a close we want to share some important information. Please take a moment to read through the following topics.
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Congratulations to our 8th graders! We have enjoyed learning with you and watching you grow. We look forward to see all that you accomplish in high school. Best of luck in the upcoming four years. To the parents of 8th graders, thank you for sharing your children with us.

Remember, once a husky always a husky! Gooooooooooooooo Huskies!

Important Information about Grades and Report Cards

Due to the school closure, the Oregon Department of Education guidelines require schools to issue end-of-year report cards that use PASS/INCOMPLETE or NO GRADE for final grades. Grades will be greatly modified to better reflect our school closure and distance learning models with a strong emphasis on connection, effort, and engagement rather than focusing solely on academic performance. We are not alone, students and school districts across the state and country are contending with the same school closure challenges. Teachers across the district are making adjustments to normal plans to help students overcome the learning gaps that may have developed during trimester 3. In the fall teachers will take additional time to review and reteach information from term 3 of this year.

6th and 7th grade students will receive a pass or incomplete based on their engagement in distance learning. Incompletes will not affect a students ability to move on to the next grade level.

There are two ways for a student to show skill and content proficiency to change an incomplete to a passing grade in the fall:

  • Students who receive a passing grade in the next class in a content sequence have proven proficiency and will get a retroactive pass. For example, if a student didn’t pass 6th grade English in term 3 but they do pass 7th grade English in term one next year, they have proven proficiency and the incomplete from trimester 3 will be changed to a pass.

The 2nd option to change an incomplete...

  • In the fall, a student may develop a plan with their teacher to show proficiency in a class in which they earned an incomplete. Once the student has shown proficiency with the skills and content of the class, the incomplete from trimester 3 will be changed to a pass.

8th grade students will receive a pass or no grade based on their engagement in distance learning. A no grade will not affect a students ability to move to the next grade level. All 9th grade teachers are taking this into account as they plan for next year. This will not impact a student's ability to graduate on time.

End-of-year report cards will be posted digitally and accessible to parents through our Synergy ParentVue portal on June 17th.

Parent Survey ~ We need your feedback!

As we wind down this school year, planning is currently underway for launching school in the fall. We need to be prepared for several possible scenarios for returning to school, based on expected direction and guidance from the Governor’s Office and the Oregon Department of Education. While the timeline for planning is very tight, the Redmond School District will be reaching out to families through a series of smaller surveys this summer to collect feedback that will inform district plans for how best to meet the needs of students, families and staff.

We encourage you to participate in this initial survey, which includes questions about your family’s experience with remote learning this spring. We will also provide further communication on how you can stay connected and informed as well as future opportunities for feedback on school reopening priorities.

Your participation in this survey is voluntary.


Yearbooks from 2019-20 will be available in the Fall

Our EGMS yearbook will be available to students who purchased them in the fall when we return to school. Our publisher experienced delays related to COVID-19 and has let us know that we will have them at the end of the summer. When we return to school we will communicate the plan for yearbook pick-up.

Thank you for your patience with this delay. I know we always look forward to looking through each of the pages and reminiscing about the school year.

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Continuation of Summer Learning

We thank you for your partnership over the last 10 weeks as we have navigated distance learning together. The learning curve was steep and it took a lot of hard work and new learning for all of us.

We understand that the school closure disrupted learning for all students. Below is a list of resources the Redmond School District is providing to ensure families have continued access to summer learning opportunities. The learning opportunities listed below are optional and available if families choose to use them to support additional self-directed learning.

Digital Learning Access:

  • Chromebooks/HotSpots - All Redmond School District chromebooks & hotspots that have been checked out for student use during distance learning can be kept for additional summer use. Details will be made for the return of the chromebook prior to the start of the 2020-2021 school year.

  • Digital Curriculum Platforms - The following elementary curriculum platforms will continue to be available for student access and learning through July 31, 2020.

    • iReady Math - personalized online mathematics lessons tailored to individual learning levels.

  • Google Classroom - If teachers utilize Google Classroom, class work and resources will continue to be available for students to access throughout the summer.

  • EngageRedmond - The EngageRedmond website and Teacher Learning Plans will continue to be accessible through the summer months.

Additional Learning Opportunities:

Continued learning options will be added to the EngageRedmond website, under the tab “Summer Resources.” This section will include suggested supplemental learning resources and websites for students and families to access during the summer months.

Please Note: classroom teachers will NOT be monitoring student work, nor providing support or feedback to students during the summer months. With iReady and Lexia usage, it is possible for students to reach a frustration level, be locked out of lessons, or perhaps complete all lessons available in their individualized lesson tracks. In these instances, learning activities will be reset in the fall, when school is back in session.

We wish everyone a safe and healthy summer break and look forward to seeing you again in the fall.