PONY NEWS April 3rd


My husband’s job brought us to Texas just over four years ago, and I never thought I would love it as much as I do! I miss Chicago pizza, but the weather here makes up for it. Shaun and I have been married for 6 years and recently made Dallas a little more permanent with the purchase of our first home. After moving here, I decided to go back to school to finish my bachelor’s degree at UNT. This is my second year teaching 4th grade at LVES, where I also student taught. Before teaching, I worked as a buyer for a small boutique in Chicago. I loved it, but knew I wanted something more fulfilling that could make a bigger difference in people’s lives. From a young age, I always knew I wanted to teach. I have three brothers that I adore and whom played a huge role in making me the person I am today. I grew up playing all kinds of sports, and when I wasn’t playing, I’d be cheering on my brothers. When I have free time, (haha!) I love to sew, read, listen to music, and do anything DIY. Go Cubs!

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We can do this together!

We just finished a week of testing. Students, parents, teachers, and staff are tired, but we still have to cross the finish line. We can do this together. Let's support each other as we help our student run towards their future.

No Excuses! They can do it because we are here for them.

Alistair Brownlee helping brother Jonny finish his triathlon sacrificing his chance of winning.

A Minute with the LASes...


Given the recent demographic changes that have altered the face of America's classrooms, school districts have an unprecedented responsibility to reach out to these youngsters and make them full and active members of our world. It takes approximately five to seven years to read and write in a new language. How do we make curriculum accessible for English Language Learners (ELLs)?

  1. Remove unnecessary materials and words.
  2. Deliver the content in chunks.
  3. Activate background knowledge.
  4. Pre-teach vocabulary.
  5. Use audiovisual supports.
  6. Use cross content application of concepts.
  7. Provide multiple opportunities for repetition and practice.

Also, you can access the LISD Newcomer Curriculum on Eduphoria for more ideas and resources (see picture), borrow materials from our ELL Professional Library (located in P-10) and/or ask us to collaborate with you planning and delivering lessons that differentiate for our Newcomers.

Please join us on Monday, April 10th, 8:00-9:00 p.m.for the LISD Twitter Chat "Newcomers and You".

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How are you doing with your Cultural Proficiency Goals?

I attended a conference this Saturday at the University of North Texas titled "Cultural Humility and Equality Towards Culturally Responsive Pedagogy."

It was a great learning experience that made me make a connection with the Continuum of Cultural Competency.

I wonder:

  • How are we doing in our growth in the Continuum of Cultural Competency?

  • What is our understanding about diversity? How are we doing as a campus understanding diversity for our students, parents, co-workers and community?

  • How are we accommodating our instruction for our diverse learners?

  • Do we see differences without judgment, awareness of biases and assumptions, and self assessments?

  • Do we understand the difference between equality and equity?

Review your team goals below and check on each other. Ask your team members:

  • What steps have you taken to accomplish your cultural proficiency goal?

  • How can we help each other?

  • How would being intentional about our goals support the Academic Performance of our students? Remember, if they know you care they will be engaged in learning.

  • How is our goal helping us to move up in the Continuum of Cultural Competency?

  • Do we need to change our goal?

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Our own students celebrate diversity!

Ms. Green has been working with her 5th grade leadership group. They have been discussing culture and diversity. They worked hard to create a song, art piece, and compose a video.

Take a second to listen to our own Ponies: Click here


Please take a minute to review the Agenda.

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Thank you for posting your reflection on your learning from our last PLC. Add your name when you post your learning this week and you will receive a treat :-)

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Learning from our own Experts- CHAMPS

Please click here to see how Mrs. Manuel uses CHAMPS in her classroom!

Thank you Mrs. Manuel for sharing!

More sharing will be coming from your peers next week.

Calendar for the next 2 Weeks

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  • Barbara Kitchen for supporting the Arts and showing up for the LISD District Art Show Gallery Opening Friday Night!!

  • Norma Urban, Jackie Garcia, Allie Isham, Diahann Andrews, Lisa Harper for helping with my TELPAS scoring.

  • ALL fourth & fifth grade teachers for all your hard work to get our Ponies ready for STAAR. Best of luck!

  • Ms. Maurier, Ms. Rowland and Ms. Ratzlaff for always being so helpful with WM assessments. ;-) Thank you!!


  • Kilam and Izzy for helping me during my car dilemma! Love you gals!

  • Office Staff & 4th Grade team for a yummy staff luncheon

  • All 5th grade teachers for helping organize and supporting Nurse Erika during the Growth and Development video.

  • LVES-thank you so much for all of your support in my family's new adventure! Baby William will be here this week! See you in May!

  • Thanks to every teacher who has helped out with Saturday School!

  • Thanks Mrs. Betty and PTA for giving our students a great skating party!

  • Thank you Ms. Sherri for providing support to everyone!

  • Thank you to Ms. Lentz, Coach W, Coach Green, Mrs. Garcia, Mrs. Urban, Ms. McNamara, Ms. Manuel, Mrs. Simpson for participating on the AED training.

  • Thank you to Mrs. Maurier, Mrs. Rowland and Ms. Ulman for all of their hard work during the TELPAS window.

  • Thank you to Ms. Bradley and Ms. Simpson for all of their hard work preparing for the STAAR test.

Thanks for the Shout-Outs!

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